Natalia Hubbert is Ukrainian American artist and illustrator who currently lives in Houston, Texas.

She has a lifetime of creative experience in drawing, sketching, painting and crafting art works. Over the years she has worked in many genres and different styles: children's book illustration, cartoons, food illustration, magazine illustration, logo and corporate identity and many more. Her favorite medium is watercolor and she loves to create hand drawn vector cartoons.

Natalia has worked on a multitude of projects for various clients, ranging from the individual, to agencies and commissioned works for specialist companies. She has a large online following with numerous best sellers in her image stock portfolios.

Natalia loves animals, the great outdoors, some really weird Eastern European food, quiet public places, cool summers, warm Texas winters, tea with milk and dark chocolate. She studies Jyotish, also known as Vedic or Hindu Astrology. She has a unique Ukrainian accent, a loving Scottish husband and three feral fun loving American felines that provide inspiration (as well as mischief) while prowling around the house.


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